Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Raffle


Bourbon Raffle 2021One of the highlights of every Casino Night is our coveted Bourbon Raffle. Covid-19 has taken away our event, among many other things, but we’re not letting it take our bourbon raffle too!

We’ll be running a special raffle now through April 1st. Only 200 tickets are being sold, and for the first time ever, we’re going to have 5 winning numbers!
We feel like spreading the love around in hopes that more people get to enjoy these amazing whiskeys.


Up for grabs is the following:

+ Thomas H. Handy Straight Rye
+ George T. Stagg Straight Bourbon
+ William Larue Weller Straight Bourbon
+ Sazerac 18 Year Straight Rye
+ Eagle Rare 17 Year Straight Bourbon

Better known as the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, these highly sought after whiskeys will be awarded to 5 very lucky people on April 1st, with one bottle assigned to each number drawn. To participate in this raffle, please purchase your ticket today and help us to continue funding our missions. On April 1st, we’ll draw 5 numbers live on our Facebook page (each participant will be assigned a number 1-200 in order of purchase). If you purchase more than one ticket, you’ll have multiple chances to win.
There’s no rule against winning more than one!

Since this will all be done virtually, we’ll make sure to figure out how to deliver the bottle(s) to the winners.

For questions, please contact Skotty Wannamaker at handsforheartsmarketing@gmail.com or by calling 336-681-7441.

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Sold Out
Thank you so much for your support
connect with us on Facebook for the live raffle drawing April 1st, 2021